Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday in the snow with Dorothy

For Olivia, the early bird who always catches the worm, seasonal fluctuations make no difference in her flight behaviors. Here is what we did (and more importantly, what she wore) on our outing last Saturday, which began with a lovely snowstorm but turned more rain-like as we made our way out. To the bakery. At 7:30 AM.


This is sure to be a perennial favorite--Shepard's first free-form (no silly baby bathtub) bath. It's open season on splashing. He takes full advantage. This will be just the thing to show at his engagement party!

Mello Yello

Shepard's zen state is remarkable. Aside from needing to hold five things for entertainment while he eats, he just tends to go with the flow, as they say. Here, on the bed on a visit to Grandma's house, he is just about relaxed as he can get. If you care to watch through, you will get a nice explosive dose of personality toward the end, though.

Sock bandit strikes again

This video is only for the most die-hard Shepard enthusiasts. Nothing really happens. It is, however, testimony of a habit I'm sure that we will look back on with fondness: sock banditry. This kid just won't keep 'em on. They are irresistibly delicious, apparently.

"Run Toward Me" (The Game)

This is one of Shepard's favorite games. This is an early version of it, though, created over a month ago, when he was only 7 months old. The laughs right now are much more raucous. I will attempt to capture the current evolution of this riveting pastime.

The picture taker

As the chronicler of my children's escapades, I'm rarely in the pictures myself. Here are two "autoportraits avec bébé," as a Frenchman would say. The first is from December 18th (7 months) and the second is from late January, so you can see what a difference a month makes in a wee babe's life.