Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here come the words.

So far Olivia's lexicon includes: "Mama" (mostly when she is feeling troubled, who knows why), "Dada," (any time, any place is great to say that one), "Teetee" (kitty, any one), and "Nana," (previously thought to refer to a grandparent, now understood to mean "Grub, please"). See if you can spot the latest addition in this super-quick video. VERY cute.

Cat in the . . . box.

OK, so we never get tired of watching Olivia hunt down and love on Earl (aka "Teetee"). Here, she has him cornered in a very convenient spot which she has already explored thoroughly because Preston has made her fetch his keys from inside it. Anyway . . . enjoy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monkey + coffee = cute Halloween

Olivia came to love her chunky monkey outfit, and had a bunch of fun trick-or-treating with Pollito Angel in Potrero Hill (KodakGallery album to follow). Here she's back at home, you-know-what-ing around (and no, she's not drinking coffee, she's just playing with Mama's travel mug). The clip starts out dark but ends with light (Daddy turns it on).