Monday, April 5, 2010

Varsity Muddling

If you haven't heard about the sport known as "muddling," you soon will. (Post-game videos below.)

Olivia is a varsity muddler. What I appreciate most about her particular skill set, however, is that she is not one of those one-track-mind superathletes, but instead a kind of "scholar-athlete," or "renaissance player." What I mean by this is that she is able to simultaneously pursue her sport while also recognizing the art and opportunity all around her. And that's no JV skill, my friends. That's varsity.

So when first a dog, and then a a vagabond imp-man made their way onto Olivia's muddling terrains the other day, she was 100% non-plussed. Observe the skill, alongside the delight. I, for one, think it's really amazing to see this level of play at so young an age.