Sunday, December 4, 2011

The hilarious coaster

In my next life I will also find coasters hilarious, and conduct myself accordingly.

Jolly . . .

This kid loves jumping. I have no idea how to parlay that into a long-term life vision for Shepard, but hoo boy, if he's half as good at ANYTHING as he is at jumping, then he will live a happy life.

Cousin mermaids

This was what they had all been anticipating: the first trip to the pool in the Florida oasis, avec cousines. Lovely.

And now, a moment of Zak

All those guitar sessions my by brother has held with his kids is clearly paying off. Zak has these moments of such extreme lightness and musical swagger, I had to capture it. He obliged. Fun guy.

The outfit

Anticipating the trip to Florida, Olivia dons multiple hand-me-downs from idol, Cameryn (plus Mama's humongous scarf). The effect: breathtaking, as always.