Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tahoe Files (last one): a video poem

This video contains no dialog and very little action . . . but it may be my favorite from Tahoe. Olivia and a little girl communicate wordlessly with the sound of Lake Tahoe waves in the background. Step into some baby meditation . . .

The Tahoe Files: Jibba Jabba

Olivia talks a ton these days. Our favorite is "Papi, no hit!" which she evidently picked up from Fatima at daycare. (She also names all the children that she plays with there: Papi, Naynay (Renée), Joy, Kiki (Luke), and Mama for Fatima.

Here she is narrating coats. Riveting. Daddy's proud, you can tell.

The Tahoe Files: Beware of nakes

I may have mentioned early that Olivia calls scary things "nakes." In this video Olivia practices safe exploration by only touching the scary, pinecone-shaped nake AFTER Mama does so. Good baby.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tahoe Files: Soft serve

Brain freeze, anyone? Here the phenomenon is documented by a baby and her facial expressions. Awesome.

The Tahoe Files: Sushi drum solo

This video needs very little intro. Suffice it to say that Olivia has musical inclinations. Dig the jamming facial expressions too. She really got into it.

The Tahoe Files: Pinecone Hunt

This weekend we went to Lake Tahoe and stayed at a cabin with a view of the lake. I kept remarking to Preston that it was absolutely the most perfect time to be there (off-season), since it was quiet and we could explore all of the historic 19th and early 20th century luxury cottages that rich people built to "get away from it all" all those years ago. It made me wish to have been friends with them.

In this video, Olivia takes great relish in collecting SMALL pinecones, which are rare on the grounds of Camp Richardson. It's also a bit like an Easter Egg Hunt. At the end, after some dark footage in the shadows of pine trees, she demands that the other parent come acknowledge her findings.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Olivia vs. The Mango

Some of you may remember that when Olivia designates a foe, or is just feeling a bit sassy toward someone/something, she rarely keeps it a mystery. (Exhibit A: Hot Tomato vs. Baby, circa 6 months.)

Just prior to this video, Olivia set her sights on a mango in Whole Foods and would not be denied. She began her attack in the store, with the peel still on. Once strapped into her carseat, she escalated the assault (and thankfully, gained access to the actual fruit instead of the peel).

At the end she announces her victory very simply: "Mango."

Garden reflection, then POW! (big finish)

Gardening makes Olivia ponder things, just like it does her mama. Here she meditates on flowers and lettuce. She may also be hoping that mama doesn't attempt to make her bond with another worm, which she has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she does NOT like. (It, like many other unknown animals, has become to be named "NAKE!"--snake, minus the s--and she would, please, prefer not to meet any more of them.)

This video has an enthusiastic, special big finish for Nanny and Grampy. Must have been all the silent meditating on plant life that contributes to the energy of the end declaration.