Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Run Toto, Run!

This video captures Olivia's Dorothy phase (4 years old). We are cooking up a Toto costume for Shepard's second Halloween. Stay tuned.

Twisty Swing

Shepard loves the prospect of being twisty-swung by his idol, Olivia. I, on the other hand, am relegated to referee.

She Walks with Sticks (Angrily)

Olivia was pissed off on the day we went hiking. The incongruence of the fluffy pink tutu makes this priceless.

Sock Bandit Strikes Again

Shepard's favorite pastime, months 6-12: sock banditry.

A Message for Big Kids, Who Ruin Everything with their Gum Chewing Ways

A Scolding Lecture (in the hopes that she will be allowed to chew gum on the way to school once the big kids learn to manage their own gum properly) by Olivia