Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bath + bubbles = CREATIVITY

This bathtime video really drives home that when God was making Mama and Olivia milkshakes, he poured chocolate sauce into Mama's, and named Olivia's"vanilla."

I am proud to say, however, that Olivia and I are alike in one very important way: we both feel super creative in the bath tub. Maybe that's why she invited my feet in to join her. Witness Olivia's spontaneous counting of "foots" (aka toes), pretending they're her "BABEEEES!" and unexpected use of Spanish term "el mascote" (pet).

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Shake Your Heiny"/"Paparazzi"

The following intros are designed to help you derive the maximum humor from this series of videos taken by Mama (1) and Oliva (2).

1. Mama introduces the "Shake Your Heiny" to the "Paparazzi" tune. Olivia bites, and performs briefly, but ultimately decides that she would prefer to conduct the videography herself. That's OK with Mama, because she likes performing.

2. NO, THAT IS NOT MY BUTT CRACK. OK, now that that's established, enjoy Mama prompting Olivia about how to capture the best video. Olivia remains concerned that her fingers are in the way, but the resulting video proves that she has overcome that hurdle.

3. La pièce de résistance: final video, complete with O's feedback to performer: "That's NICE." Note that she opts for a location change yet remains concerned about her finger still being in the way. (We place a big emphasis on quality in the Turner-Thomas household.) Also, in response to dAVE portraits -- "Dats my famiyee!"