Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charlie the Clambird

When we visited the arboretum on our way out of Vancouver, we were delighted to find so many awesome birds living among the greenery. Charlie charmed us by saying "Hello Charlie" over and over, which Olivia loved. He clammed right up, though, once the video started rolling. Enjoy this decidedly one-sided conversation between Olivia and Charlie.

Pigtails and Rockets

The kiddie rocket launcher at Angel's party was a big hit. Olivia loved it, but only if she could launch solo. Once another kid joined in and parents had to negotiate 1) loading, and 2) launching, the turns got all out of control and anxious-making for everyone. This is Olivia, blissful, launching by herself (with MommyDaddy audience).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pea pods

Nature created pea pods for parents. Not only do they provide fabulous nutrition, but shelling them is apparently riveting for toddlers. Well, at least our toddler. Her love affair for these things began in our garden and now requires that we continue fueling her habit with stash from Whole Foods. I'm envisioning her shelling peas to pass the time during her college graduation ceremony. Oh -- and here you see her throwing in a little "CHEESE!!!!" as well.

Mini dance (cock-headed)

This video is on its side and I don't know how to turn it 90 degrees. (Damon? You there??) Nevertheless, I had to post it. Olivia launched into a spontaneous chicken/floor pounding dance that I manged to capture on video. Here she is jammin' among the merchandise in the loft.