Saturday, July 7, 2012

Olivia saves the toadlets

At the beginning of the summer, we went down to the Skukyll Center in the evening time and saved little toadlets, whose hatching ground and maturing ground are separated by a road. It was VERY exciting. They were VERY small.

Hi-yee! (How I know my baby loves me)

I know my baby loves me because every time he sees me he says "HI" so enthusiastically. (What? He's genetically engineered to do that? Oh, shush it.)

Shepard walking, Natural History Museum

I especially like the end, as he heads toward the elk display . . .

Meditation, or "Why??" hands? (You decide.)

I am unclear whether Shepard is engaging in baby meditation, or silently asking the universe, "Why??" Please let me know what you think is happening here.

In the long tradition of Turner fart humor . . .

Behold, the whoopie cushion playground friendship:

Shepard, months 13 and 14 (photos)

These are some of my favorite Shep shots, months 13 and 14. His hobbies right now include seeking out and then enjoying baby-sized seating, eating ice cream, and wrestling with Olivia. Words include "hi," "bye," "cup" (repeats when asked), "no" (does not need prompting). Emerging signs include "thank you" and "more."