Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Cat with Cheese

Auntie Kathleen texted me the other day to remind me that it’s been two months since the last video post. Its true: I’ve been remiss, and Olivia has been up to all sorts of video-worthy shenenigans, some of which appear below.

This video has a familiar theme, but with the delicious flavor combo of fur and string cheese. Enjoy.

What does a sheep say?

This video is dedicated to my friend Lynne who has a sheep blog. She loves the wooly guys. So does Olivia. When a bunch of cartoon animals showed up in a Sesame Street segment, Olivia said “baa” to point out the sheep. Of course, she’ll also identify any teetee toute de suite. Looks like she has two favorite animal categories: domesticated and farm.


Just a little shake-em-up giggle session filmed and sustained by Mommy and her foot. Pink Uggs courtesy of Connie, brown corduroy mini jumper handed from Cameryn, sweatshirt by Nanny in consultation with Auntie Kell.