Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bears eat meat (a scavenger hunt conversation)

Those of you who have had the pleasure of sharing a roof with Olivia know that she is some kind of early riser. So when we were in the Poconos, I was armed and ready for a morning activity: a lake road scavenger hunt. Well, more like an eye-spy hunt. Either way, we were the only ones out there, I guarantee it. Olivia's squeals--"AN AMERICAN FLAAAG!"--were surely the first thing that many people heard that morning. Certainly the first thing that those barking dogs heard. But that was OK--"barking dog" was on the list, and she earned a bonus for hearing two.

The Green Dinner

Olivia came home from a play date dressed as a fairy. Tinkerbell, to be exact. She had a poufy green dress and magic wand. Since cookery is my best mode at the end of a long day, I went with the "Do you want to eat a green dinner?" move. I added some gloppy Williams Sonoma "food gel" to her eggs, and voila. We discuss what's happening operetta-style, as is only fitting.

Dinner conversation (Shepard)

When Shepard sits on the table (I do mean on, not AT, the table), he often has a thing or two to share--especially after not seeing Mommy all day! Mostly he munches on his fist for sustenance between comments. Behold.

Angry Bird mall wrestling (Olivia wins)

Check this out: Olivia found these Angry Birds in a video store at the mall (they still have those??), and proceeded to wreak havoc on their beaky selves. I think you will agree who emerged as the victor. Dig on the Mall-Musak in the background--perfect backdrop to this epic battle.