Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lauching Livvy

Oh so many videos have languished on my camera and in my iMovie files awaiting the day when they might be shared with the world. Well, that moment is now . . . iHope. Prepare yourselves for an exhaustive catalog of every mirror sit, cat hunt, babble string, and other babe-tastic minutia moment.

Consider this first video a test, however, since I'm waiting for a tutoring session on iMovie (see for my idol Damon's primo chronicle of Hunter's adventures). On this, my first attempt, I've uploaded an AVI file, and who the heck knows who can see that? If you manage to turn a trick or two to make it play you'll be rewarded for your efforts: Patient Bella lies perfectly still throughout Olivia's not-so-gentle display of affection, after which said baby unabashedly relishes the fine taste of fur in the morning.

This video is from mid-May -- when O was roughly 7 months old. More recent crawling and babbling hijinks (and yes, those wonderful archives) to follow.

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