Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Birthday Files

Here are the videos I took on and around Olivia's birthday. (DISCLAIMER: these clips are recommended for Dedicated Viewers (i.e. aunties, grandparents) rather than "Where's the Fun Baby?/Will this Head Straight to You Tube?" visitors. YOU guys should head back the archives for "Hot Tomato vs. Baby,""Swingers," "Naughty has entered the building," and maybe a little "Stinky!" if you need to see a baby cracking herself up hard. You'll really get your money's worth with those.

The first of these birthday videos is the on-the-day celebration with cupcake and frosting. The second two feature card opening and present wrapping removal. The BEST birthday videos live on Nanny and Grampy's camera, but I think that they are either trapped there or deleted. (Gramps took video when he meant to be taking pictures . . . and the results were AMAZING! Uncle Todd -- are you up for a video saving mission?)

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