Monday, October 11, 2010

The Grampy Post

Olivia has a special relationship with her Grampy. Now before you say that this relationship springs from a shared, and perhaps unnatural, love of both butter (hold the bread) and whoopie pies (see pics here), I have to attest that there appears to be slightly more involved.

Today on the way to school, Olivia simultaneously steered and pushed her scooter while maintaining vigorous conversation. The chat moved from the treasure she had discovered earlier on the path (an "almost-dead cricket"), to her eyeballs, which she said were really good at spotting treasures.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to make a Public Service Announcement regarding healthy eating, I answered, "Do you know why I think that your eyes are so strong? You eat so many fruits and vegetables."

Her response: "I love my grampy."

Now, I KNOW that fruits and vegetables do NOT evoke Grampy. So I followed up, "What made you think about Grampy, right now, Olivia?"

Her answer: "My heart."

Boy if that isn't the most perfect morning conversation. It even topped the two New York bakery croissants I had later for breakfast. And they were REALLY buttery.

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