Saturday, April 30, 2011

Olivia tracks the Easter Bunny

This is the first Easter where Olivia must come down a set of stairs to discover what the EB has gotten up to. The architectural addition makes for great suspense in the beginning of this video. Also: the joy of so much candy in one place.

In my neighborhood growing up, the EB just brought a basket with candy--no presents. Preston said that where he grew up, the local EB affiliate did stuff differently. Hence the wrapped package, to which Olivia jumps swiftly once she gets up her momentum with unloading the basket.

Now we've got a cabinetful of lollipops. And for some reason, in spite of her initial reaction, she doesn't eat the chocolate bunnies. Ignores them much as she ignores the live bunnies when they're in their winter quarters (the basement).

Too bad. We'll have to find a home, somehow, for those chocolate ones.

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